PLASMA has been engaged in development and production of  thyratrons (pulsed hydrogen) since 1960, actually from the time of foundation of the company. A stable demand for our thyratrons among developers and users of such devices as radars with different power levels, high-power pulsed technical, electrophysical, medical devices and laser apparatus is a proof of a high quality of devices. Sophisticated design and high quality ceramic-metal envelope determines long lifetime and very accurate and reliable operation of thyratrons under vide range of environmental conditions.

Maine applications

  • radars
  • pulse power supplies for lasers
  • medical apparatus
  • electrophysical installations


  • high stability
  • high efficiency and simplicity of operation
  • resistance to mechanic and climatic conditions

We possess a range of  thyratrons (ceramic-metal) with hydrogen and deuterium filling. Most of the thyratrons are of a tetrode structure which permits to achieve a high stability of development of a discharge and an enhanced switching speed. Use of selective gas getters in combination with special vacuum production process ensures a long operating life.

You may order from us Thyratrons

  • for anode voltages from 6 to 50 kV; 
  • for pulsed currents up to kA with msec pulse width; 
  • for pulsed currents up to 15 kA with nsec pulse (switching pulse width is <0,5 msec); 
  • analogs to thyratrons produced by other known companies and interchangeable with them by mounting dimensions.
Product model Anode voltage, kV Anode current in a pulse, A Anode current average, A Pulse repetition rate, pulse/s Product data sheet
Download all in one zip-file
TGI1-50/6 6 50 0.13 1100 Download
TGI1-500/16M 16 500 0.5 1000 Download
TGI3-500/16 16 500 0.5 1000 Download
TGI2-500/20 20 500 0.5 1000 Download
TGI2-500/20 10 300 0.4 12000 Download
TGI1-700/25M 25 700 1.0 500 Download
TGI2-1000/25K 25 300 0.5 16000 Download
TGI2-1000/25 25 1000 1.0 700 Download
TGI1-10000/25 25 10000 0.19 100 Download
TGI1-3000/30 25 3000 3.0 100 Download
TGI1-2000/35M 35 2000 3.0 500 Download
TGI2-260/12M 12 260 0.4 4500 Download
TGI1-270/12 12 270 0.4 370

The goods are custom-made.
Please, call us and agree on the delivery time with our manager.
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