About "PLASMA"


Dear prospective Partners, Dear Partner,

as Director General of PLASMA JSC I would like to welcome you on our website.

PLASMA JSC is Russia’s and CIS’ largest developer and manufacturer of plasma electronic devises since 1959. We design and manufacture own gas laser systems and laser tubes (HeNe, HeCd CO2, Nitrogen), video display devises (PDP and durable monitors), gas-discharge switching devices, triggered and untriggered spark-gaps, industrial ceramics.

We deliver unique Russian product

As a dedicated organization of the Russian electronics industry we strive to find partners in the international markets for high quality Russian products and services that are competitive globally as well and for one of our most important export product, the Russian know-how.

Thanks to our innovation potential, flexible technical facilities and the brilliant team of skilled technical personnel we keep creating brand new efficient products and solutions and keep them in line with the current demand of our customers.

We are proud to be in long-time contact with many enterprises and educational institutes worldwide and continuously working towards finding new business opportunities.

Let us share the success

We look forward to discus­sing the best solu­tions for your business with you in order to uncover promi­sing growth prospects.


Vladislav Nasedkin

Director General