Metal-ceramic units

JSC «Plasma» has great experience in the field of development and production of alumina ceramic devices. We use the alumina material BK94-1, which possesses high thermal conductivity and heat resistance, low dielectric absorption losses in wide range of frequencies and temperatures, high levels of mechanical strength, electric strength and electrical resistance.

TechnologyThe alumina ceramic devices can be soldered with the help of active metals in vacuum. After preliminary metallization deposition with the help of high-melting metals the alumina ceramic devices can be soldered with copper, nickel, Kovar and NAVI alloys. Besides, ceramic devices can be soldered with each other and with metal with the help of low-melting and high-melting glass sealants

ApplicationNow JSC «Plasma» supplies a number of organizations with metal-ceramic devices for they could use it in gas-analysers, X-ray equipment, in oil production, in geophysical industry, and so on.

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