Industrial Ceramics

Plasma, JSC, has rich experience in developing and manufacturing corundum and forsterite industrial ceramics enabling to assist you in solving technological problems of many kinds. We are ready to be engaged in both technological processes of developing industrial ceramics and manufacturing the following configurations:

  • rings from 10 to 150mm in diameter;
  • cylinders from 3 to150mm in diameter;
  • cones (170, 100, 45), (50, 30, 30);
  • glasses from 64 to 116 mm in diameter;
  • tubes from 5 to 66 mm in diameter, to 600 mm in length (wall thickness is defined in the order);
  • covers;
  • adapters;
  • holders of die holes (threaded covers);
  • cores;
  • plates 400 mm in length, from 0.6 mm to 30 mm in thickness;
  • complicated products of various constructions;
  • nozzles (heads of gas burners);
  • boats.

Features of our industrial ceramics

Corundum materials containing aluminium oxide Al203 95-99.5% are widely used in many fields of industry. Thanks to its properties (see the table) industrial ceramics is used as high-voltage and high-frequency insulators, current inputs, device envelopes, resistance substrates. These products may be soldered in vacuum using active metals, and after the preliminary metallization by refractory metals it may be soldered with copper, nickel, covar alloys, navi. Besides, ceramic parts may be soldered with each other and with metals by means of fusible and refractory solder-glass.

Retaining the resistivity at high temperature (700 oC) allows to use industrial ceramics as insulators in ignition plugs and retaining a rather high power at heating to the temperature 1400 oC, ceramics may be used as desolder nozzles and other gas burners, insulators in automatic systems of high-temperature furnaces.

Application of our Industrial Ceramics

High surface hardness (6-70GPa), wear resistance, refractoriness, chemical resistance has predetermined its use as per below:

  • refractory “boats” used in metallurgy;
  • sealing elements in pumps and their operative parts when pumping over corrosive and abrasive medium;
  • single and double channel ceramic insulators and jackets of thermocouple heads ;
  • holders of die holes (earlier manufactured of clinkstone) at work in corrosive liquids and gases;
  • abrading tools;
  • special thin plates and overlapping up to 400mm in length, 0.6-30mm in thickness for special applications;
  • cores used to form hollows in bricks enabling to improve lifetime of puncheons 5-10 times;
  • ceramics nozzles of gas burners, burners with Ar arc welding, sandblasting installations enabling to improve lifetime in comparison with nozzles made of VK alloy 2-3 times.

Product Lines

  • Forsterite-type vacuum-sealed ceramics VK94-1
  • Corundum ceramics AI-1.

Main Properties of our Industrial Ceramics:

  • high mechanical strength;
  • good thermal conductivity and heat-resistance;
  • high resistivity;
  • high electrical strength;
  • low insulation losses in a wide range of frequencies and temperatures.

Our company executes any orders of manufacturing industrial ceramics of complicated configuration and threaded parts in corrosive medium with accuracy of geometrical dimensions 0.02-0.05mm with the surface roughness at the level of 12th -14th class.

The goods are custom-made.
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