Special OEM service

As R&D company we provide our customers for exclusive opportunity to get from us Special OEM Service. Special OEM Service means that we can manufacture exclusive products with parameters corresponding to individual technical requirements of individual customers. As you can see our product line is rather wide. Nevertheless, in general customers’ demands are always wider because many customers especially engineers developing new OEM products and scientists conducting very fine researches often need to develop special sophisticated equipment to apply it for their specific engineer and research purposes. Taking this fact into consideration we are not only constantly developing new products but also developing our manufacture facilities in order to make manufacture process maximum flexible. Flexibility of the manufacture process enables us to produce devices with specific characteristics which are beyond the characteristic of our standard products listed in the catalog. We constantly develop such flexible and sophisticated technology with only one purpose which means our possibility to satisfy exclusive and some times rather refined requirements which we often receive from the customers around the world. In fact, it means that our real product line is wider than that which is announced in the catalog. Thus, if you cannot find among our standard products the item with a set of parameters which you exactly want to get, please give us your individual technical order and we will make the device with specifications created specially for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and explain what you want. We are glad to work for you and satisfy your demands.
Thank you very much!

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