Standart service

- Post-Selling Service
- Installation & Optimization
- Consultations

PLASMA philosophy is to provide our customers worldwide for opportunity to have reliable, mutually beneficial and friendly relationships with us. Thus, we do our best to provide the customers for much support in use and application of our products for their purposes. In respect to the lasers our main standard service is a post-selling service consisting of guarantee and post-guarantee repair opportunities which customers can take from us. Also in many case our technical specialists come to the customer’s place in order to assist in installation and optimization procedures to provide customers for fine working reliable devices. Besides, and it concerns of all of our products, each time we try to clarify, devices of what properties customers need and for what applications. Such friendly and attentive communication with customers helps us to select for them the appropriate products from our product line, which is rather extensive, in order to fit customers’ needs exactly. We are always open for any questions from the customers and each time give them our comprehensive and informative answers. From the one hand such careful consultations make us to be confident that we make the most suitable offer to our customers. From the other hand, and this is the most important aspect, each time our customers are confident that they get from us the products which they exactly want to get. Thus, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact and discuss with us and we will do our best to suit your demands. Thank you very much!

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