The first model of interactive textbook was manufactured at JSC Plasma

12 October 2010

The first model of interactive textbook was manufactured at JSC Plasma. This interactive multimedia textbook consists of two displays: the main black and white display with low power consumption on the basis of 9″ electronic paper presents the text with black and white illustrations. The second one is colored on the basis of 4, 3 ″ LCD monitor which displays short-run dynamic and static illustrations, interactive supplements and links. The construction of the textbook is protected by the Russian patent. Unlike printed textbooks or textbooks on the basis of e-book the interactive multimedia textbook possesses comprehensive facilities for intensification of education. This will make it possible to take to a new level the quality of education in our country. This is achieved by various representation of the studied material. On the display you can see experiments, processes, scenes with human personages, animal and vegetal life, the life of living tissue and cells, microcosm, the structure of matter and many other things. The textbook can support audio of education program and the variety of tests. It allows giving all tests and exercises in interactive novice mode. In case of a wrong answer there’ll be given the right one with explanation and comments. The textbook has touch-sensitive control to work with links and multimedia interactive supplements. The proposed concept of the formation of the textbook can be in service in the publication of guides for high schools, trade education and other manuals, encyclopedias, scientific digests where visual illustration of the given material is neccessary.

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