JCS "Plasma" - 50

05 June 2009

The Research Institute of Gas-Discharge Devices ’’Plasma’’ of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour has celebrated its 50th birthday since the date of its foundation. On June 4, there was held solemn meeting of veterans and members of the institute in the assembly hall of the facility. The meeting was devoted to this outstanding event. Andrey Vladimirovich Zverev, general director of JSC "Rossiyskaya Electronica’’, and Leonid Yuryevich Borodinov, assistant director of JSC "Rossiyskaya Electronica" were present at the meeting as stockholder representatives. The following honourable guests visited the meeting: Oleg Ivanovich Kovalev, governor of the Ryazan Region Vladimir Alexandrovich Kozhemyakin, general federal inspector of the Ryazan Region Vladimir Nikolayevich Minayev, director of the department of Electronic Industry of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuriy Ivanovich Yeryomenko, vice chairman of Ryazan Region Duma Oleg Vladimirovich Shishov, head of Ryazan Aministration Vladimir Petrovich Skripchenko, vice chairman of Ryazan Municipal Duma, and other officials. Vladislav Georgievich Samorodov made a report about the achievements of the institute, its development perspectives and history. He told about the steps of the institute’s foundation: from its appearance as the only Russian institute of plasma electronics to the modern production with diversified scientific-research activity. Then honourable guests made their congratulating speeches. Governor Oleg Kovalev has noticed that Plasma is one of the leaders in the development and production of highly technological devices in the Ryazan Region. Plasma produces 50% of all innovative production in Ryazan Region. Vladimir Alexandrovich Kozhemyakin, general federal inspector of Ryazan Region highly evaluated the fact that 40% of the whole production volume is innovative production, and scientific-research and experimental activities compose 30% of all realized activities. In his speech director of the Electronic Industry Department of the Minisrtry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Vladimur Nikolayevich Minaev has noticed that Plasma has chosen innovations and wide diversification as its development direction in the conditions of the World Global Financial Crisis and transfer to market economy. There was held the awarding of the institute and the participants of the meeting by the governor of the Ryazan Region, representatives of the Electronic Industry Department of Russian Federation, Ryazan Region Duma, Ryazan Administration and Ryazan Municipal Duma, JSC ’’Rossiyskaya Electronica’’. After the official ceremony there was held a concert for the memebers and guests of the institute.

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