HeCd lasers


325-nm lasers 442-nm lasers Double line (325/442-nm) lasers

JSC “Research Institute of Gas Discharge Devices “PLASMA” manufactures a wide range of gas-discharge ion metal vapor lasers.

He-Cd (Cd vapor) laser of our manufacture is a source of CW coherent violet (441.6 nm) and UV (325 and 354 nm) radiation. He-Cd lasers operate in CW mode, they are simple and reliable in operation, do not require water cooling, consume low power and are powered from conventional mains 220 V, 50 Hz. Wavelength range of He-Cd laser well fits the maximum sensitivity range of a large number of photomaterials and photoresists.

Emission of He-Cd laser is characterized by high energy density, high coherence, high stability of parameters, low divergence and excellent beam quality (a highly pure TEMoo mode).

He-Cd laser is applied in research in the field physics (first of all, in semiconductors), biophysics, biochemistry, medicine; in industrial processing of materials (stereolithography), in fabrication of holographic and diffraction optical components (gratings, filters, objectives), in test and measuring instruments.

We manufacture 20 models of He-Cd gas discharge lasers as a standard line (HCL series) and original compact lasers (HCCL series). Besides, we can design or re-design lasers to the customer’s requirements.


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