HeNe lasers


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JSC “Research Institute of Gas Discharge Devices “PLASMA” manufactures a wide range of gas-discharge atomic HeNe lasers - singlemode, single-frequency, multimode, frequency stabilized. We produce He-Ne lasers with polarized and randomly-polarized radiation, as well as with circular and orthogonally polarized radiation components with intermode beat intervals from tens to hundred megahertz. We also manufacture HeNe lasers operating at one or several wavelengths - single-wavelength, dual-wavelength and three-wavelength lasers. The HeNe lasers emit in the visible and IR regions. Radiation spectrum is controlled by magneto-optical effects and use of double-coated mirrors. Multi-wavelength He-Ne lasers are equipped with combined mirrors. He-Ne laser radiation is characterized by a low noise level, high stability and low divergence. High time and spatial coherence of radiation permit to obtain interference patterns with a high coherence despite a large difference between beams’ paths.


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